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Chronic pain isn’t an easy condition to handle, but you can take control! Simple changes in your lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines can help ease your pain. I’ll share some of my best techniques for easing chronic pain without medication.

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[0:09] If you suffer from chronic pain,
you know it can often leave you feeling powerless and depressed. But, prescription pain-killers are not always the best solution.
In today’s lesson, I’ll share my top techniques for easing chronic pain without medication
and putting you back in control. Also, make sure to stay until the end for a free gift I have created just for you.
Hi, my name is Biggi Fraley. I am The Arthritis Coach. Welcome to this week’s show,
welcome also if you’re watching this later on a replay, and welcome podcast listeners!
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if you haven’t yet. I would love to have you over there, and let’s go on with the show. So,
you certainly know that chronic pain isn’t easy condition to handle. Bug, you can take control.

[1:35] Simple changes in your lifestyle, diet, and exercise can help ease your pain and make a difference.
That’s why I’d like to share 7 techniques with you today that will help you experience the relief you’re seeking.

[1:55] Technique number one: Manage stress.
Yes, it is true that stress can actually increase chronic pain and it will definitely make it harder to manage as well.

[2:11] So, what can we do to manage stress? Well, two of my favorite ways are yoga and meditation.
But, you can really try a variety of strategies to relax or reduce stress and see what works for you.
Now, I am curious, are any of you doing yoga or meditation on a weekly if not daily basis?
If so, let me know in the comments. I would love to know. Another, even simpler technique
are breathing exercises. By simply focusing on our breathing,

you can just relax your muscles, which will reduce the pain. If you have chronic pain in your neck or whatever, the muscles get very tight, they are hard as a rock sometimes, which makes the pain much worse.
So, deep breathing can help with that as well as reduce blood pressure,
and help you eliminate some of the stress we all experience, be it in our daily life, or that chronic pain is causing us. And, deep breathing can even decrease the heart rate.

[3:33] Another technique to use to cope with pain, is to actually find some fun distractions.
Instead of concentrating on the pain,

[3:47] if you distract yourself with some hobbies or activities,
you may forget all about your pain, if it is only temporarily, but it is really a great coping mechanism. You may want to watch one of your favorite movies, ideally something funny,
because as they say, laughter is the best medicine, or read a book, you can really
get engrossed in. Maybe you are a fan of romance. I kind of have that habit occasionally,

[4:25] to escape into a nice romance novel. Next is very important, that, if you’re not already,

drink enough water to increase your water intake, because dehydration also can make chronic pain worse.
So, if you take prescription medication,
then ample hydration becomes even more important, because your body needs to be able to, you know,
move the medication as well as the toxins and side effects through the body and dispose of it again. So, you want to shoot for a minimum of 8 8oz glasses of water a day.
Next, it’s important to avoid inflammatory foods.
So, those are the fast-food, the processed foods, as well as foods that
contain a high amount of salt and sugar, because they all can increase the inflammation in your body, which in turn will increase your chronic pain.

[5:38] On the other hand you want to add anti-inflammatory foods. So, those are foods like nuts, leafy greens, fatty fish, berries, and
other foods that help fight
inflammation and reduce pain due to their high level of antioxidants, which fight damage on the cellular level.
And, we’ll actually dive a little deeper into that in next week’s show, where I will be covering superfoods. So, definitely come back for that!

[6:21] Another technique, which is actually very powerful and I really encourage you to do, if you haven’t, is to look for support groups that focus on chronic pain.
These groups can give you a chance to meet others that suffer from chronic pain. You will be able to receive
Advise and tips for managing chronic pain, get reviews and recommendations for doctors and clinics,
and, just by talking about your experiences with others, you may also learn additional techniques to cope with your pain.

[7:06] Also, chronic pain is often linked with
anxiety and depression, and the social aspect of a group really helps cope with these side effects as well.
And last but not least,
online support groups, for example, offer privacy and anonymity. So, you can
feel more comfortable sharing your experience, and that is why I’m really a big proponent of group support and my primary coaching model is that of group
coaching, because, you know, there’s nothing I could do in this world to possibly rival the group support and the group
wisdom. So, it’s something I strongly believe in, and
now maybe in the future you’ll join me in one of my coaching programs, or

[8:10] just go online right now and find a support group for your type of chronic pain. So even if you take medication for your chronic pain, 
the techniques I’ve shared with you today will definitely help you further reduce your pain.
Also, keep following your doctor’s advice, but
reduce stress and inflammation, and find support.
I promise you will find the pain relief you’ve been seeking. And,
to help you accomplish that even better, as mentioned in the beginning, I have created a free gift for you,
which you can find at https://biggifraley.com/easepain.
In the free gift I have for you today, I have included all 7 techniques I discussed with you today, 
as well as three additional techniques.

[9:26] But, the PDF download also includes a printable sheet with a wonderful reflection exercise,
that’s focuses, or actually guides you, through step-by-step
a deep-breathing exercise, which you can apply either on a daily basis, or
when you have a flare-up of your pain that will be
very powerful. So, I really encourage you to pick up that PDF, which you can find at the https://arthritiscoach.com/easepain.


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