Gluten-Free Diet – Ease Arthritis Symptoms and Relieve Joint Pain

Gluten-Free Diet – Ease Arthritis Symptoms and Relieve Joint Pain


Could Gluten Be Triggering Your Arthritis?

Have you asked yourself that same question? Are you suspecting that your gluten consumption may have an effect on your arthritis?

If so, do not wait for the medical authorities to arrive at a conclusive answer, but try today and remove gluten containing foods from your diet and journal how you feel before and after. ✍ Note all things, from your mood and energy level to your digestion and joint pain.

Chances are, you will be surprised at the positive changes you experience, just as I did when I removed gluten from my diet in May 2016. Hint: I never looked back! ?

In this article I’ll share insights on how gluten may affect your arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation. And, don’t miss the announcement about The Arthritis Coach YouTube channel! ?

This is how delicious gluten-free can be!

How Does Gluten Affect Arthritis?

While some foods can help fight inflammation and boost your immune system, other foods, such as sugar and alcohol, can flare up your arthritis. Gluten, a sticky protein found in wheat and some other grains, may also cause an increase of arthritis symptoms.

More recently, medical experts have begun to acknowledge the possible connection between gluten and non-pathologic joint pain — joint pain that is not explained by disease. A growing body of research supports this idea.

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Could Gluten Be Triggering Your Arthritis? —
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How Does Gluten Affect Inflammation?

Modern day gluten is not what our grand-parents ate. Scientists modified this protein to create fluffier pastries and use it as fillers in products like shampoo, for example. Way too many products we consume now contain gluten, and this modified version has been proven to cause leaky gut and inflammation. ?

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Simple Steps to Going Gluten-Free

The First 5 Steps To Going Gluten Free

1. Clean out the entire kitchen.
2. Learn how to read labels.
3. Substitute for the staples.
4. Find a local bakery.
5. Stock up on fresh produce, nuts and seeds.

Feeling ambitious? Here are 7 additional steps to consider:

7 Beginner Tips for Going Gluten-Free and Surviving

1. DON’T start by trying to bake a gluten-free version of your family’s favorite treats.
2. Make a list of your family’s favorite meals.
3. Is there an EASY substitution?
4. Instead of dwelling on all the meals you can’t make that are still on your list, put it aside for awhile.
5. Bring a bag of apples, nuts, or other gluten-free snacks with you.
6. Make it easy on yourself.
7. Have a backup plan for if you need to eat out.

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What results have you gotten removing gluten from your diet? Let me know in the comments below! ?

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