011: How to Quit Your Sugar Addiction for Good

Sugar is everywhere! Refined sugar depletes the body of its minerals and enzymes and creates an acidic environment leading to digestive problems, sinus congestion, cellulite, headaches, mucus in the stool, inflammation, and allergies. It is also toxic and as addictive as cocaine.

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5 Recipes to Kick Your Sugar Addiction https://biggifraley.com/kick-sugar-addiction-5-recipes/

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[0:07] Sugar is everywhere!
Sugar occurs naturally in nearly all foods and when in its most natural state, for example honey or maple syrup,
it contains enzymes vitamins and minerals.
But, refined sugar depletes the body of its minerals and enzymes and creates an acidic environment, leading to digestive problems, sinus congestion, cellulite, headaches,
mucus in the stool, inflammation, and allergies.

[0:44] Music.

[0:52] Hi my name is Biggi Fraley. I am The Arthritis Coach, and today’s subject is sugar, specifically refined sugar, which not only has a negative impact on our blood sugar,
but also leads to irritability, anxiety, wrinkles, poor sleep, hormonal imbalance, and can also lead to much more serious health problems.
Did you know that sugar is a toxin?
Too much glucose in the blood leads to digestive issues, blood sugar imbalances, fatigue, and even diabetes.
And in addition to feeding inflammation in the cells and suppressing immunity, sugar can also increase the risk of cancer, lead to gastrointestinal problems,
cause reactive hypoglycemia, interfere with your absorption of protein,
cause food allergies, hamper weight loss, increase cholesterol,
accelerate the aging process, increase anxiety, and make you moody,
and complicate ADD, ADHD, and spectrum-related issues, and even weaken your eyesight.

[2:13] Yet when sugar is out of the picture, you can experience glowing skin, less bloat,
better sleep, improved sex drive, fewer cravings, easier weight loss, less inflammation, and even less cellulite.

[2:33] So, how do you kick the sugar habit? Well, number one let’s focus on giving your body more of what it needs.
Rather than focusing only on what you can’t have or trying to go cold turkey, start by adding in more of the healthy, nourishing foods your body is really craving.
So often when we are stuck in the cycle of sugar addiction our bodies a starving for nutrients.
So, try adding in more fresh veggies and unprocessed foods, so your body is getting the proper nutrition it needs.
You’ll start to notice a natural shift away from the junk food as you return to balance. How do you make it work?
Well, first try replacing your morning pastry with a bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh or dried fruit.
Try eating healthy protein at every meal.
Include more healthy fats like coconut oil, olives, and avocado. And, eat your healthy meal before turning to sugar,
’cause you may find that you don’t even want the sweets.

[3:49] By focusing more on foods that will naturally drive away your sugar cravings, you can avoid feeling starved and deprived as you make healthy changes to your eating habits.
So, here are some of my favorite foods for nourishing my body, alleviating urges, and helping me quit sugar without going crazy.

[4:13] Avocado: the healthy fats in avocado help to keep you full and prevent energy crashes that often make you head straight for the candy bar.
This versatile food can be eaten alone as a snack, or used to dress up a salad, burger, or basically anything else.
Next, flax seeds: flax is an awesome source of fiber which helps to detoxify the body and keep you full.
Add some ground flax seeds to smoothies, sprinkle over your oatmeal, or add to your favorite homemade energy ball recipe.

[4:55] Cinnamon.
This common spice is a fabulous way to fight your sugar cravings and not only helps to regulate blood sugar levels
preventing energy highs and lows, but it also works against candida and other bacteria in the gut that can lead to imbalances and sugar cravings.
So, sprinkle it on your morning oats, or add it to your favorite savory dishes. Next, we have grapefruit.
Now the phytochemicals in this citrus food help to regulate blood sugar levels in the body naturally, and have been shown to aid in weight loss.
So, try adding wedges of grapefruit to your salads or eating half a grapefruit on its own as a snack.

[5:46] Wild salmon:
As one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, wild salmon is an excellent choice to reduce cravings and help you quit your sugar habit.
Try roasting salmon with fresh lemon and dill for a simple, but classic dinner.
My last favorite one, broccoli:
I swear even as a child I loved things like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I guess my body was smarter than I would have been. So, broccoli is one of the most chromium rich foods out there.
It helps to balance blood sugar levels naturally, which prevents the roller coaster energy levels that sent you looking for the next sweet fix.
Again, this versatile veggie is amazing, whether you steam it, saute it, or even oven-roast it.
Now, to make it a little easier getting started incorporating some of these nutritious foods into your daily meals,
I’m hooking you up with some of my favorite recipes to kick your sugar addiction in a downloadable PDF format called “5 Recipes to Kick Your Sugar Addiction,” which I have linked to
in the show notes.

[7:06] But, what else beyond food can you do to kick your sugar addiction? Well, my next tip is to move more.

[7:18] You know, our bodies are really designed to move. When we deprive ourselves of that need it can lead to imbalances and cravings.
So, make it your goal to move more throughout your day, especially if you sit at a desk for work. Now, how can you make this work?
First, set a reminder on your phone to get up and stretch or walk around for 1 to 2 minutes every hour.
Go for a walk on your lunch break, or even better find a buddy to try out a new dance class.
And, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Now, have you heard that one before? I bet you have! However, are you doing it?
You know, it’s so interesting how we know most of the time what it is we should be doing,
and we still don’t do it. I think stairs, I mean, I crave stairs. If I can find them anywhere, you bet you I take them.

Walking up stairs is a great exercise, so it can truly really be that simple.
And, tip number three today, is to focus on gratitude. When you feel like you’d just kill for a cookie,
it’s not just a physical issue. You see, sugar cravings are an imbalance of mind, body, and spirit.

[8:45] It’s important to pay attention to your spiritual needs in order to overcome your addiction. One of the simplest, most effective ways to do that, is by focusing on what you are grateful for.
Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude regularly are naturally happier and less stressed.

[9:09] So, how do you make it work? Spend 5 minutes per day journaling about what you’re grateful for in your life.
And believe me, we all have something to be grateful for. It’s really simple once you begin taking notice.

[9:29] Speak your gratitude daily to a close friend or family member.

[9:34] And spent a few minutes each morning thinking about what you’re grateful for.

[9:40] So, take the time to think about how sugar affects your body, and ask yourself if you really want to live like that.
I know, I reach for sugar when I’m not putting myself first. When I’m nutritionally depleted,
and when I’m stuck in negative self-talk.
Sugar cravings tend to get really bad when I’m over tired and not making enough time for self-care.
Try and incorporating some of my suggestions, one at a time, and pay attention to how you feel.
And, don’t worry about being perfect. Simply focus on one meal, and one day, at a time.

[10:25] I know you can do this.
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So, thank you so much for listening and I am looking forward to speaking with you next week.
Have a wonderful week, and now go and start conquering your sugar addiction! Bye, bye.


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