022: What’s Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals?

Remember the enthusiasm and confidence you felt when you first started planning your goal? You felt like you were finally doing what you were meant to be doing. You were going to succeed and you were going to be brilliant. But, what happened between then and now?

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” ~ Tony Robbins

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[0:07] Remember the enthusiasm and confidence you felt when you first started planning your goal?
You felt like you were finally going to do what you were meant to be doing, you were going to succeed, and you were going to be brilliant. But, what happened between then and now?

[0:27] Music.

[0:35] Hi, Biggi Fraley here, your host, and welcome to the show! Now, if we’re honest all of us have set goals and never made it to the finish line.
But what happened?
All of a sudden you’re dragging your feet. You’re no longer excited. When you wake up in the morning you think about how you can delay the inevitable or maybe even try to escape.
All you want to do is just stay underneath the covers and sleep the whole day. Why?

[1:09] Did you suddenly realize you’ve been chasing the wrong goals? If yes, then know it’s not the end of the world.
You still got time. You can still re-adjust and re-calibrate your goals. Make it a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
But, there may be other obstacles standing in the way of achieving your goals. One is fear of failure.
Did you fail at something? If yes, then don’t be afraid! You need to get back out there and continue working towards your goals.
There’s no point in hiding. You can’t just give up after you encounter some obstacles and challenges.
You don’t need to be afraid of failure. In fact, you mustn’t be afraid of failure. No one is exempt from failing.
I have failed, you have failed, your parents have failed, and your friends have all failed.

[2:09] Now, personally my definition of failure is the failure of taking action. So, take action!

[2:19] Even the most successful people you know have all failed big-time. In fact, they’ve probably failed more times than you and I combined.
They didn’t just become successful one day. They simply persevered and learned from their failures and mistakes. That’s how they did it.
If you give up, if you let the negativity affect you, then you’re not going to get very far in life.
Failure can teach you so much about life. Let failure guide you. Let it be your teacher, your mentor.
When you think of failure like this, then you’ll eventually find success. Failure will essentially guide you to success.
And then there is the biggie, procrastination. Are you a procrastinator?
If yes, then know that you are not alone. Believe me, I tend to often procrastinate on the really important tasks that I know will move my business forward because they are hard,
because they stretch my skills, my abilities, and my comfort zone. Yikes! We all procrastinate at times.

[3:38] But, don’t let it turn into a habit.
And, you know it has become a habit, when you push everything onto the back burner just because the deadlines’ still far away.
You know what I mean? So, you prioritize the less important things because you’ve still got time.
The problem is, you get carried away with what you’re doing and you eventually lose track of time.
Before you know it, your deadline is coming up and you’ve barely even started. You start working,
but then you start panicking because you know you’ll never be able to finish in time. Your dream’s going down the drain. You regret procrastinating and letting yourself and your family down.
At this point you may very well be close to giving up, or maybe you’ve even given up altogether. You’ve wasted so much time, time that you can never bring back.

[4:39] But, you’ve still got life in you, right?
So if you really want to achieve something, you can still go back out there. You can still fight for your dreams.
It’s only you who is stopping yourself from reaching your goals. Stop procrastinating and start taking action.
Or, maybe it is fear of success that’s been your challenge.
Everyone knows about the fear of failure but not everybody knows that fear of success also exists.
But, why should you be afraid of success? You want to achieve your goals, right? You want to become what you
always wanted to become. Why would you be afraid when you’re so close to getting what you want?

[5:30] Well, success means change, and many people are afraid of change, or maybe all people, really.
They’re afraid of leaving their comfort zone behind. They’re afraid of success disrupting the balance, the peace, and quiet in their lives.
For me it was the fear that I will no longer control my life and my time. That if I become successful
everyone will want a piece of me, all the time. And yes,
it took me a long time to realize that and learn that there is such thing as fear of success.
So, in my case setting boundaries is critical.
Some people are afraid they’re going to become an entirely different person, and they probably know of someone who let success get to the head and became totally nasty individuals.
But not everyone is like that. You know yourself best. Will you turn into a monster?

[6:35] It’s really all in your head. You don’t have to change who you are just because you became successful.
For others success means moving into uncharted territory, new faces, new challenges, new expectations, maybe a new culture.
Maybe you don’t want to deal with that just yet, so you’re trying to delay your success even though you know it’s within arm’s reach.

[7:05] Whatever changes success brings, accept it with open arms. After all the goal setting and the planning you’ve done, you deserve success.
And speaking of deserving, another obstacle you may encounter is a lack of self-belief.
Even if you’ve got all the resources necessary to succeed, you still don’t believe you can do it.

[7:32] You’ve listened to far too many negative people in your life telling you that you can’t ever succeed.
Why would you listen to the naysayers? They’re not going to contribute anything to your success. So, why would you give them the time of day?
A lack of self-belief and low self-esteem are dream killers.
If you want to succeed you are going to need healthy self-esteem. You’re going to put yourself on a pedestal. Tell yourself you can succeed and no one can stop you from going where you want to go.
You’re chasing your dreams, not other people’s dreams.

[8:16] And last, do you suffer from a lack of motivation? No one can ever underestimate the power of motivation.
Motivation can move people to chase their dreams. When you have defined your goals properly and you’ve got plenty of motivation, then you’d better believe me when I say you’re going to go places.
Motivation is like fuel to your car, without it your car is not going anywhere.

[8:47] Sure you can have people push your car, but how far do you think you’ll go? Not very far!
When you lack motivation, you won’t have the energy or the enthusiasm to do what you’re supposed to be doing. You’ll be procrastinating again.
You’ll be binge watching Netflix instead of working on building your business, or marketing, or selling your products.
You’ll be giving into temptations. To succeed
you need to figure out how you can have an endless supply of motivation. It doesn’t have to come from one place. It’s like buying gas, you’re not limited to buying gas from just one station.
Motivation will get you to different places, it will help you conquer your fear,
and it will help you accomplish your goals. Motivation is one of my favorite subjects, so I’m excited
that the next episode of The Biggi Fraley Podcast will be all about motivation.
So, tune in if you want to learn about where motivation comes from, or how to get it back, and what the one biggest source of motivation is.

[10:00] Now, in the meantime, I would like to extend a special invitation to you if you are struggling achieving your goals for any of the reasons mentioned today, like fear failure or
fear of success, you’ve been procrastinating, are lacking motivation, or are doubting yourself.

[10:21] Then I’d like to invite you to free Peak Performance Strategy Session in which we will we get to the bottom of what’s been holding you back, whether you’re working on the right goals,
and what it is the top performers do to break through to the next level in their life, business, or career, and how it applies to your unique situation.
Spots are limited for obvious reasons, right, I only have so much time in a day, and therefore by application only.
So, if you feel like this is your time to tear down obstacles and break through to the next level,
please go to the application page at https://biggifraley.com/apply

Also know, that these sessions book up quickly, so please check back 24 to 48 hours later if there aren’t any time slots available when you go there because,
I am truly looking forward to helping you!
Okay? So, I hope you will join me in 2 weeks for the latest episode of The Biggi Fraley Podcast,
available Wednesday morning at 4 a.m. Pacific on your favorite podcast channel. Until then remember,
be kind to all, be true to yourself, and always, always, always be your best.

[11:49] Thanks so much for joining me and bye-bye.


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