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Biggi Fraley, a.k.a. The Arthritis Coach, empowers arthritis sufferers to reverse their disease by addressing the underlying (and often unaddressed) causes, so that they can get their health, happiness, mobility, and life back!

In this introductory episode, you will meet your host, Biggi Fraley, and learn what motivated her to start The Arthritis Coach podcast, and what you can expect from upcoming episodes.

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[0:07] Hello and welcome to The Arthritis Coach podcast. I am
Biggi Fraley your host, and I’m so excited you are here.

[0:20] I’ve been in the health and fitness field for over 30 years now. Started as a competitive bodybuilder, was a personal trainer for many years, was a massage therapist, and
now I’m active as a health coach, focusing specifically on arthritis sufferers.
You may be wondering what has motivated me to make health and fitness such a priority in my life. Well, I watched my grandmother
and my mother suffer from osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis pretty much most of their adult life.
And, it was not a pretty sight, and it was scary. And, I always used to say that my mom was an old woman at the age of 50. So, I know that this is running in my genes, and that
if I don’t do anything about it, I will end up the way they did, which was in chronic pain, depressed,

[1:26] kind of having lost their love for life, and that is what motivated me to up-level my skills and
now help other people avoid the same
fate. Now, I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis as a teenager, when I stopped running, which
has really been a positive thing, because pounding concrete pavement is not good for anybody’s joints, whether they have arthritis or not. And, I would say a little over 10 years ago I noticed signs of rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, etc. So, even after a life-long pursuit of health, you know, I also fell into
mainstream media traps, believing that margarine is good for me, artificial sweeteners are good, etc. So, it took me a long time to find

[2:30] basically the truth, as much as we know it now. And, I am so excited to bring this information, this knowledge to you, and want to help you

[2:43] to, as cliche as this may sound, to live your life to it’s full
potential. Because you can be pain-free, you can regain your mobility, you can be healthy, you can be of good
mood, if we start
addressing the underlying causes for your disease, which are pretty much our modern lifestyle, our completely corrupt and pretty much poisoned food supply,
and also some genetics, but
that is the where the health and nutrition changes we are going to implement make such a dramatic
difference. So, I want to share all I know with you over all these podcast episodes I have coming up.
This will be a weekly show, which actually originally airs life as a Facebook live stream on Tuesday mornings at 11 a.m. Pacific.
I’m just mentioning this here in case you want to join live and ask me any questions live or give me your feedback right during the show, you’re welcome to do this. You’ll find all
the social media links, etc, that you need, show notes, and so on
on my main website https://biggifraley.com.

[4:09] And, I definitely welcome your feedback, and I also want to ask you to be a little patient with me. I
was so excited to get this information out to you, that if you are a frequent podcast listener, you may find this is not the most polished show, but,

[4:31] I don’t think it would have been fair to you
or me for that matter, to hold back until some day in the far future I can have just the perfect podcast for you, because what really counts is the information.
And, I hope you find it valuable, and thank you so much for listening. Remember to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss any episodes, weekly released on the podcast channels Wednesday
morning. So, thank you very much. I am Biggi Fraley, and welcome to The Arthritis Coach podcast!


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Leveraging her 40+ years in health & fitness as well as the latest biohacking and longevity breakthroughs, Peak Performance Coach, Biggi Fraley, helps you remain healthy, fit, and active so that you can age gracefully, stay independent, and embark on exciting new chapters in life.