016: How to Stay Energized During the Holidays

The holidays are a fun and busy season full of extra errands, travel, and entertaining. If you and your family want to make the most of these special times together, there are plenty of natural and effective ways to keep your energy levels up.

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[0:07] The holidays are a fun and busy season full of extra errands, travel, and entertaining. If you and your family want to make the most of the special times together,
there are plenty of natural and effective ways to keep up your energy levels.

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[0:34] Hi, my name is Biggi Fraley. I am The Arthritis Coach. Welcome to the show! Today,
I would like to share some simple tips on eating, sleeping, moving, and managing stress throughout the holidays that will keep you energized to not only survive but thrive this holiday season.
So let’s jump right in… How can we eat smart during the holidays? Well, number one, avoid big meals.
Your body has to work harder to digest those huge holiday dinners, robbing you of precious energy for anything else.
So, you want to limit your portions and eat more slowly, chewing thoroughly, so you can fully enjoy and appreciate the feast in front of you.

[1:29] Number two, reach for healthy snacks. Complex carbohydrates will give you energy fast.
Protein provides fuel for the longer-term. So, make a salad of walnuts and winter-greens and add some olive oil or avocado for satiety and sustained energy.
Eat more fiber.
Foods that are rich in fiber help your body break down carbohydrates at a steady pace over a longer time.
That gives you more stamina. Feast on healthy whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

[2:09] Number four, stay hydrated. Munch on foods that are high in water content like celery sticks and grapefruit.
Drink plenty of water too.
Your blood will flow more easily, transporting the oxygen and nutrients your cells need to produce energy.

[2:30] And number five, eat breakfast. You’re bound to feel fatigued unless you refuel in the morning.
A healthy breakfast will also make it easier to resist fattening snacks or overeating at later meals. So, if you were thinking of skipping breakfast just to save on calories, be careful!
It may backfire on you and actually cause you to consume more calories overall.
Now, you may be wondering how can we sleep well during the holidays.
Here are my top tips. Number one, take a nap. Brief naps of 20 minutes or less will help you recharge.
Just closing your eyes and putting up your feet for a few minutes can also be very refreshing. Both of these are my favorite ways to recharge my batteries any time of year.
Number two, watch out for extra caffeine. You see, those chocolates and peppermint flavored coffee drinks may put you over your limit for caffeine.
If caffeine makes you jittery or keeps you up at night, make sure to limit your consumption and avoid these treats all together in the afternoon and evening.

[3:53] Number three, drink alcohol in moderation.
While a cocktail may help you fall asleep faster, it actually interferes with the quality of your sleep. Again, leaving you tired and exhausted the next day.
Try to avoid any alcohol within a few hours of bedtime. Number four, place a curfew on online shopping.
You can shop for gifts all night on the internet but you’ll feel the effects the next day.
Turn the computer off a couple of hours before retiring to adjust your mind and body after the mental stimulation and the bright screen.

[4:37] And, number five, try to stick to a regular schedule.
Holiday parties and travel may interrupt your daily routines. As much as possible, getting up and going to bed at the same time each day will help you stay in top shape.
And, now on to a few more lifestyle tips I have for you today. First, exercise every day.
A brisk walk or other moderate aerobics will wake you up and pump more oxygen to your brain.
Take the stairs at the shopping mall and park farther from the entrance. Number two, clear away clutter.
You’ll feel more restful when your surroundings are in good order. Recycle those gift wrapping and tidy up after parties to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

[5:34] Next, alternate between tasks. Baking hundreds of cookies and wrapping mountains of gifts can be tiring. Switching off between jobs can help.
Even better, recruit family and friends to divide the load. Number four, manage stress.
Feeling more stress this time of year is natural. To help prevent this, listen to relaxing music, meditate, or talk with friends.
A positive outlook can make handling extra tasks much easier.

[6:12] And last, but not least, focus on giving.
Giving to others is the best part of the holiday season and the most effective way to stay energized. You’ll feel motivated to accomplish more with less effort when you think about making others happy.
Share your time and attention with the people you love and do some volunteer work to connect with others in your community.

[6:40] The holiday season can be demanding, but simple lifestyle changes are usually enough to keep you alert and merry. Watch your diet,
get plenty of rest, and manage stress so you’ll be ready to tackle all the shopping and parties. Yay! Happy holidays! And, when the holidays are over, a New Year awaits.
What are your plans for 2019?
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Take care now, and happy holidays! Bye, bye.


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