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The First Post is the Scariest

Today is the day I am making a long-time dream a reality. I am beginning my journey as a writer.

And, as any beginning, it starts as far away from perfect as is possible. To admit and share this publicly is a very scary thing to do as a practitioner of excellence.

I finally began feeling silly just dreaming of being a writer.  What kind of dream is this? If I had nothing else to do, all I wanted to do was write. How is that ever supposed to happen? The only things that happen, are the ones we make happen by making them a priority.

'There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed' - Ernest HemingwayClick To Tweet

While my mom had set a great example of journaling for many years, I just have a couple of paper journals from my youth and young adulthood lying around, each with only a few entries, before dropping the journaling habit again.

Computers and journaling software made the habit a bit easier, though, and I am happy to report that I have now been journaling weekly for years. It provides me with great joy and a better sense of what’s happening in my life as it lets me reflect on the events of the past week.

I have also written the occasional blog post and newsletter article for my health and fitness readers in the past, but again, never made a regular habit of it.

Making writing a regular habit, I believe, must be the most important first step. Just the thought of it gets me really excited. To me, it will be like “entering the Zen of writing.” I will set up a ritual, creating just the right space and atmosphere for the writing process.


While the regular practice of writing will help me improve over time, I have always believed that theory and practice go hand-in-hand. I’ve been keeping several writing courses on the back-burner, but am now excited to work through them.

I am always patient when it comes to improvement. I am expecting to see some improvement in my writing over the next year, a significant improvement over the next three years, and hopefully some excellent writing during years 5 – 10.

So, let’s say overall, this is a 10-year goal. 10 years is not that long, and most of you reading this will have at least another 10 years left in your life, meaning, if you make it a priority, you too can become an excellent writer.

There are so many skills that we are never too old to acquire. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your dreams, because you are never too old to become a master at anything you choose!

Are you thinking of picking up a new hobby? Please, tell me about it in the comments below!